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Card counting- Hi-Lo MethodIf you have watch the movie 21 in Netflix, then you probably thinking what is card counting and is it real thing or not. It may be surprise for you but all of the elements shown in the movie are 100% true and card counting is the real thing. There are many incidents where card counters has earned millions of dollars.

You may have not heard but a person named Don Johnson in 2012, made $6million in a single night at Atlantic City’s Tropicana. He didn’t stop there he made $5million in Borgata and $4million in Caesars. Most people thinks that he was counting the cards while other claims he didn’t do that, it was his mere luck. The truth behind this is known only to Don but we are mathematicians, we believe in facts rather than just believing in luck.

In this article we will share the secrets of card counting and will teach you how you can use this to beat them and make millions of money like Don. (We are not claiming he was counting cards, winning millions in a row  is total luck.)

Does card counting actually works?

Card counting is not any tricks found on internet like: how to get free edu email that using it excessively will kill the trick but its rather like: how to solve javascript error in Discord, no matter how many times or by how many people will use it, it will always work.

Now maybe you have developed a question, Does that mean anyone can make millions of dollars over night?

The answer is no. Not only you but the owner of Dealer also know how to count the cards. So they will try everything in their power to stop you from card counting.

How BlackJack is played?

In card counting, the counter basically uses the basic understanding of the BlackJack and uses it against the game.

To start the game simply the player has to place the bet. Suppose there are three players, “Player 1”, “Player 2” and “Player 3” place the bet of 15$, 20$ and 25$ respectively.

Card Counting - Three Players
Card Counting – Three Players

Then 6 decks of cards are shuffle together by Dealer to form “Shoe

Each players are given two cards each with face up, where as the dealer gets two cards, one face up and another face down.

The game is simple, its to get their card as close as 21 without going above 21. Each player has an option to stick with the cards or add another cards from the deck of cards starting from the player sitting at the left.

Card Counting - Black Jack
Black Jack

Now here is the catch, you don’t know the value of the card you adding. So if you choose a card and the total cards you have exceeds 21 then you are out of the game. Suppose Player 2 wanted to add a card from deck but its total exceeds 21 and he is out of the game now.

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If the value of cards you have initially is higher then its better to stick with the initial bet. (or may be not?)

Once each player has decided either to pick cards or skip it, the dealers reveal its card which is faced downwards.

If the total cards of dealer is below 17, the dealer choose another card and add it.

If the total is 17 or higher they leave it as it is and here we can get three scenario.

  1. If the dealer cards goes above 21 – all the player bets are doubled i.e Our Player 1 bets will become 30$ and Player 2’s 50$

    Card Counting - Case 1
    Case 1
  2.  If the dealer cards doesn’t go up and its value is lower than that of player – Suppose Dealer got 19 and Player 3 got 20. Now at this situation the bet of Player 3 will be doubled and become 50$

    Card Counting - Case 2
    Case 2
  3. If the player total is lower than that of dealer – In the example above the bet of Player 1 is lower than that of Dealer so the Player 1 loose the bet.

There are many small rules and conditions for the game but these are the fundamental rules of the games. Now we know the basics of Black Jack lets move into the actual card counting.

How Card Counting is Done?

There are many method for card counting. But the most famous card counting method is Hi-Lo method. Some of the other methods for card counting are listed below along with the cards value and Level of count.

Card counting table
Counting table

Today we will share how Hi-Lo card counting is done as it is pretty much famous and easy.

For card counting we perform the method of elimination. In Hi-Lo method we assign value to cards. The cards from 2 to 6 is assigned 1 , 7 to 9 is assigned 0 and 10, face cards and Ace is assigned as -1.

Card counting- Hi-Lo Method

We won’t share why the face values are assigned -1 and cards from 1 to 6 are assigned 1 because that will create confusion. Let’s discuss how it is done once you remember the values assigned to it.

To count the card, once the player views the card they add up its assigned value. So, for example lets take three players: Player 1, Player 2 and Player 3.

Card counting

In the above example the running count is 2 as 1+0+0+1-1+0+1.

As the running count is 2, the chance for player to win the game is greater than the Dealer. If the running count was -2 then the chance for dealer to win is greater than that of player.

As the game go on and you go to the deeper and deeper to the counts. The running count will generally increase in one direction either towards + or -.

Suppose at a point the running count is 20. That means the chance for player to win the game is far greater than loosing. So they should bet big in the next round.

This is simply how card counting is done. Simple right?

If a player plays the strategy perfectly then they can win 1.128% of their money. Suppose a round ends in 1minutes and the amount of average bet is 200$. That means a card counter can earn on average of 110$ per hour. But if the counter keeps increasing the money he can make millions in a single night.

Now there may be many questions in your head. Let us try to answer them one by one.

Is card counting Illegal / Cheating?

Now that you have known about card counting, you may be wondering either card counting is illegal or cheating. The answer is a big “NO“. Card counting is neither illegal nor cheating because for the most common law country like US, AUS cheating is:

  1. Altering the outcome of the game
  2. Acquiring knowledge not available to all players
  3. Changing one’s bet after learning the outcome.

And in card counting we have not done anything.

Doesn’t Dealer check it?

Obviously yes, if they didn’t try to stop and check it then they would go bankrupt in a single month. But note they can’t ban the player if they found out some one is counting the cards because card counting isn’t illegal at all and moreover they can never have the proof that someone is counting cards, maybe some is getting really luck that night and they can’t ban someone for being lucky. So how does they checks on card counting?

The first method they try is shuffle the card earlier on. If they shuffle the deck 4 deck deep into the six deck shoe this decreases the chances for counter to win from 1.182% to 0.568%. However shuffling the cards frequently is loss to dealer as when the dealer is shuffling the cards the non advantage player is not playing and loosing their money. This is how dealer makes money when non advantage player looses their money.

Another option is to increase the number of decks they shuffle to make the shoe. Before card counting was famous they used to play using a single deck of cards. But now they play with 6 deck of cards which increases the time for player to get higher confidence and place more bet. And since time is money for counter this decreases the change for counter to win big.

Remember we said the further count goes on positive or negative side when one goes. So as time goes the counter will start to place higher bet from 20$ to 1000$ and even 100,000$ as the counter is confidence that he will win the bet and which is true also. So, the casino doesn’t allow to place the higher bet to some people and ask them to do flat betting that is choose a single bet and stick with it ,who they think are counting the cards.

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